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• 10 min walk to right from Ikenohata exit of Keisei Ueno station
• 15 min walk from Shinobazu exit (exit 1) JR Ueno Station
• 5 min walk from Ikenohata exit (exit 2) of Nezu Station (Subway Chiyoda Line C14)

For travelers arriving at Narita Airport, Keisei “Sky Liner” runs directly to Keisei Ueno station, so you won’t have to travel far to the hotel with your heavy luggage.

Access after arrival
From Narita Airport sta. Keisei Line (56min) 1,000 yen or 1,920 yen --> Keisei Ueno sta.
From Narita Airport sta. JR Line (51min) --> Tokyo sta. --> JR Yamanote Line (11min.) 2,940yen --> JR Ueno sta.
From Tokyo sta. JR Yamanote Line (11min) 150 yen --> JR Ueno sta.
From Haneda Airport TOKYO MONORAIL Line (23min) 470yen --> Hamamatsucho sta. --> JR Keihintouhoku Line (10min) 160yen --> JR Ueno sta.

Please show this to the taxi driver :

旅館勝太郎 (動物園通り)
水月ホテルの先 約300mの右側
台東区池之端 4-16-8 
TEL 03 3821 9808

From Ueno Station to Katsutaro Ryokan

From Nezu Station to Katsutaro Ryokan

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